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Considering Adopting a New Member of the Family?

   How to choose which pet is right for you

  • Often times, people pick the cutest face at the pet store or shelter, not realizing how much exercise the breed requires or how much time they will need to spend grooming their long hair pet. Do your research before you take on an animal that is too much for you to handle and will need to be rehomed in the future! Check out Animal Planet's Dog Breed Selector to find out which dog breed matches you! 

  • For information on more dog breeds, click here.


  • Breed Specific Legislation: All of us at Domino Effect Animal Rescue care about every breed of dog, but not everyone is as accepting of certain breeds, especially the large, strong dogs like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, etc. Before adopting one of these breeds, make sure you live in an area that allows them. Even most rental homes and apartments that allow pets, have breed restrictions. In some states, counties or cities, these breeds are not even legal to own. If you currently live in a home that allows these breeds, also consider your future and if you plan on moving somewhere that may not. Please review our BSL handout for more info.

  • Looking for a cat? Check out some cat breeds here to learn about their different personality traits!

  • Now that you have picked which breed of cat or dog fits your family and lifestyle, you have to decide if you want to purchase your pet from a store, breeder or adopt through your local shelter or rescue. Click on the Top 5 Reasons why we (of course) think adoption is the best choice!


Bringing Home Your New Pet

                  - Parasites                     - Allergies or what to do if you're allergic to your pet!

                  - Bloat                            - Seizures

                  - Kennel Cough              - Hip Dysplasia

                  - Diabetes                      - Urinary Stones/crystals

                  - Toxic plants                 - Toxic foods

                  - Household dangers

Pet Emergencies

What to do if you Lost or Found a Pet

                  - Lost and Found Pets of Murrieta and Temecula

                  - Inland Empire Lost & Found Pets/Safe Adoptions

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

               Affordable Spay and Neuter Clinic (mobile)

               33320 State Highway 79

               Temecula, CA


               Ramona Humane Society

               690 Humane Way

               San Jacinto, CA


                Animal Friends of the Valley Spay/Neuter Clinic

                29001 Bastron Ave

                Lake Elsinore, CA 92530


Behavioral Issues

Pet Friendly Rentals


Rehoming Your Pet

  • Before giving up your pet due to behavioral issues or moving to a new home, please check our links above so your pet can remain a member of the family. If you still can no longer care for your pet, try to rehome him/her yourself by posting your pet online through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Craigslist or even your local newspaper. Try to avoid turning your pet into a shelter. According to the American Humane Association, only 25% of pets that enter shelters get adopted. Often times, animals are euthanized simply due to overcrowding and the fact that there is not enough room to house all the animals constantly coming into the shelter. So even if your pet is young, sweet or a purebred, there are no guarantees he/she will get adopted by another family. 

  • Since we do not have a facility, we are limited to the number of pets we take in. We usually rescue our animals from high kill, county shelters but we occasionally will take in a pet from an owner needing help. 


           If you'd like us to consider your pet, please submit a Relinquishment Request Form.