Sometimes our animals need to hitch a ride to a vet appointment or new foster home! Since starting our Proyecto Perros de Mexico, we occasionally need transporters to drive to the border to pick up new rescues, too! We have a network of transporters on stand-by. When the need arises, we send out a text to see if anyone is available at that time.

This is an easy way to help out without committing to a regular schedule. Help out as often as you can or want! We will provide a seatbelt or crate for our animals. Email us if you would like to be added to our transporters list!

Special Events

Throughout the year we have several fundraiser events that require extra volunteers to work our booth or supervise the animals! Check out our upcoming events on our Home page! 

Donor Relations

Let's face it, we can not help animals without money! Many of our animals come from abusive homes or have been neglected in the past. A single one of our rescue animals can require thousands of dollars in medical care or training! While vet care is our highest expense, we also go through lots of food, litter and enrichment items for our animals. 

Our Donor Relations Volunteer would identify and reach out to potential donors, share the work of our organization and build a relationship with our supporters. Email us if you are interested in helping us raise funds for the care of our animals!

Grant Writer

Grant writers apply for and send out proposals to donors who want to fund projects that match our mission. This could be done by a Fundraising Coordinator or could be a separate position! Email us to find out more about this position! 

Foster Homes

          A foster family provides a temporary home to an animal in need until a permanent home can be found. However, to many animals, a foster home is much more than just a temporary place to stay. Most of our rescues come directly from shelters. Some have been abused or neglected in the past. They are often very stressed and scared. A foster family may be the first loving experience in their life. Many animals learn to trust and become part of a family through their foster families.

          Since foster families get so much first hand experience with the animal, they can also help us determine which permanent home would be best suited for each pet.

          Foster homes are essential to our mission of saving lives. We do not have a facility so the number of animals we can take in is directly related to how many foster homes we have available. 

        We cover all expenses associated with the animal including food, litter and any medical bills. You just need to provide the love! Help save lives without the expense or long term commitment of owning a pet!

Please check out our FAQ's on fostering for more info and fill out a foster application to get started!

Become part of the domino effect that saves lives!

Event Coordinator

Our Event Coordinator sets up fun activities in our community to engage the public and help grow awareness of our organization, showcase our animals to potential adopters and educate the public about the plight of homeless animals.

Our Event Coordinator will communicate with any venues, get any necessary permits, order supplies and set up the event. Some of our previous events include Bingo, BBQ, dog wash, movie night, and craft/painting events. 

The Event Coordinator needs to be reliable, punctual and a people person! 

Besides helping animals, you will also receive a fancy Domino Effect Animal Rescue t-shirt to wear during events if you desire! Please email us  if you are interested!

*Due to our insurance, all volunteers that will be directly interacting with our animals must be 18 years or older.



 Domino Effect Animal Rescue                                                                                                                      

Foster Coordinator

A Foster Coordinator doesn't need to foster any animals personally but would help manage our current foster animals as well as recruit new foster families. The Foster Coordinator would be the liason between us and our foster families. If a foster parent has a question or issue, they would communicate with the Coordinator first. The Foster Coordinator would check in on animals, receive photo updates to share online and keep record/deliver any pet care supplies needed to our foster homes. Email us  if you are interested in this position!                                                           

Ways to Support Us From Home!

(for those who live far away or are under 18)

- Set up a lemonade stand, bake sale, or garage sale to raise money for rescue animals!

- Do a donation drive to collect toys, food, blankets, or even paper towels or laundry detergent!

- Network our animals on social media.

- Artists can create designs that we could potentially print on t-shirts to give to our supporters!