Domino Effect Animal Rescue                                                                                                                      

Foster Homes

          A foster family provides a temporary home to an animal in need until a permanent home can be found. However, to many animals, a foster home is much more than just a temporary place to stay. Most of our rescues come directly from shelters. Some have been abused or neglected in the past. They are often very stressed and scared. A foster family may be the first loving experience in their life. Many animals learn to trust and become part of a family through their foster families.

          Since foster families get so much first hand experience with the animal, they can also help us determine which permanent home would be best suited for each pet.

          Foster homes are essential to our mission of saving lives. We do not have a facility so the number of animals we can take in is directly related to how many foster homes we have available. 

        We cover all expenses associated with the animal including food, litter and any medical bills. You just need to provide the love! Help save lives without the expense or long term commitment of owning a pet!

Please check out our FAQ's on fostering for more info and fill out a foster application to get started today!

Dog Care: Bathing

          Every couple weeks, we give our dogs baths, brush outs and any necessary nail trims or hair cuts. Not only is this important for their health, it keeps the dogs fresh and looking their best for adoption shows! All bathing supplies are provided. If you don't mind getting a little wet and furry, send us an email to let us know that you would like to help out by bathing dogs! 

* We also need a group of volunteer bathers for our Charity Dog Wash each year. Check out our Home page for our next upcoming wash!

Become part of the domino effect that saves lives!

Adoption Shows

          To help our rescues find their forever homes, we hold adoption shows two Saturdays of each month! Adoption shows run from 11am to 3pm. We are looking for volunteers to help transport dogs, set up, and help manage the animals.

          Volunteering at our adoption shows allows you to choose how involved you would like to be! If you would just like to act as a "chaueffeur" and simply transport the animals to and from the shows, that would be great. Maybe you would prefer to meet us at the show to help set up and tend to the animals. If you would like to help with transporting and would be able to stay to help at the show, even better!

          Volunteers for the adoption show need to be punctual and reliable. Of course, the adoption shows are public, so if you are a people person, that is also a plus! (You will occasionally need to speak with potential adopters.) Besides helping animals find new families, you will also receive a fancy Domino Effect Animal Rescue t shirt to wear during the show! Sounds like an awesome Saturday to us! Please email us if you would like to volunteer at our adoption shows!


Special Events

          Throughout the year we have several fundraiser events that require extra volunteers! Check out our upcoming events on our Home page! 


Dog Care: Training and Socialization

          Our dogs can always benefit from getting some one on one time, working on basic obedience to help each pet develop desired behaviors for their future family. This can include taking them for walks or just working on basic commands like sit, stay, come and lay. (We can teach you how to train the dogs). For some of our more shy dogs, simply being with them, having them meet new people and going outside to expose them to a new environment can help them overcome their fear and become more well rounded, confident dogs. Please email us if you would be interested in working with our dogs!